Is Digital Marketing More Important Than Traditional Marketing?

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Running a business is not always easy, especially when it’s a business that needs advertising in order to thrive. Some businesses can attract customers without much advertising, but others need it if they hope to survive. Take a law firm, such as Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP. How would anyone know they existed if they weren’t marketing their firm?

You don’t really just pass a law firm on the street and pop in for a legal consultation. Most people find their lawyers through some type of advertising. For instance, you might find a lawyer from an advertisement you saw on T.V. or from a billboard. You could have seen the law firm’s name on the side of a bus or on a bench.

While traditional marketing is still plenty effective for many businesses, digital marketing is becoming the top way to advertise businesses.

Online Is King

Let’s face it, the internet is king whether we like it or not. Non-techies like us may wish the internet weren’t so big, but the reality is that it’s only getting bigger. 

People are now getting their shows streamed online. Most people only participate in online banking, almost never setting foot into an actual bank. Online shopping is more and more dominant, and so are other types of services.

Even services that are not provided online are still found online. Your business may be an in-person type of service, such as the dental industry or legal industry. But most people will be finding your business through an online search, advertising they see online, or through other digital channels.

Both digital marketing and traditional marketing are effective at marketing businesses. If you had to pick only one, though, you would probably choose digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Isn’t Easy

While digital marketing is important, it isn’t easy. It can be a challenge to get your business to rank well in search engines. You may find online advertising confusing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be throwing money away without really reaching an audience. You might consider getting help from a digital marketing company so your business can shine online.

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