How Many Hours a Day Should You Use Tech?

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The world was thrilled over the invention of the internet, and tech products have been created for everything you can think of. Tech is everywhere you go, and people are now spending the majority of their lives glued to one device or another. 

Even when you go to your doctor, they have you check in on a tablet. When you go to the airport, your phone now doubles as your boarding pass and there are televisions in every airport restaurant. Though we all love technology, what is the cost of using it to such an extent? Is there a limit on how much tech people should use in a day?

What Do the Smart People Say?

We’ve all heard that too much screen time is bad for kids, and you should limit their interaction to less than two hours a day. But, what about adults? Many adults use computers for work purposes, and then they come home to watch television and scroll through social media for the rest of their day. So, is there too much screen time for adults, too? Or, is this a fight we can’t win?

According to the Nielsen market-research group, adults are spending over eleven hours each day using technology! This is apparently up from a few years ago when adults were spending a little over nine hours each day using technology. People are listening to music using their devices, playing games, reading, and watching television and movies on devices. 

Put Down the Device and Back Away Slowly

According to Mike Brooks, who published an article in Psychology Today, there is no right or wrong amount of screen time each day for adults. It simply hasn’t been studied enough to understand whether it’s harming our society as a whole. Yet. Thank you, Mike Brooks, for that useful insight. 

Because there are many benefits to using technology, it’s difficult to figure out where the limitations should be set. Since many people use screens for work, should that time even count? If you are getting joy out of interacting with friends online? Should someone try to limit that interaction? 

At this point, the consensus still seems to be that it depends on your situation and your lifestyle. If you’re happy, then you’re probably doing okay with the amount of technology you’re using. Just keep in mind that a balanced life is usually the best one. 

If you find yourself spending most of your life staring at or interacting with technology rather than people, and you find yourself missing out on real-world experiences, you might want to knock off a few hours of tech time and go do something else.

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