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Here at Clean Tech Chatter, we loooove the internet. How could we not? We’re tech junkies! One important aspect of the world of web is social media. Most people are engaged in at least one social media platform or another and for many different reasons.

You probably use it to connect with friends and family; you could be using it to stay updated on news and events; maybe you just really love those funny memes and cat videos. No matter what reason you use social media, you probably find it useful. However, you probably never thought that social media could be used to prove criminal or civil cases.

How Social Media Can Be Used as Evidence

Yes, social media use is so widespread that it can be used in the legal field. For example, police officers have been using it for years to track down criminals. Probation officers often use it to keep an eye on their probationers. The FBI uses it to track terrorists’ activities. As you can see, social media can be of great benefit to the legal world.

There is another benefit to social media: evidence to prove a case. For instance, social media use could help this SEC whistleblower attorney gather evidence to prove fraudulent activity.

Using Social Media to Prove an Injury Claim

It can also be used to prove an injury claim. You probably haven’t even thought that social media can be beneficial in proving an injury claim, but it can. What if you are injured in an accident, but you can’t find any witnesses to help you prove your case?

Now, suppose you had an app that could search social media for relevant posts related to the day, time, and location of your accident. Maybe someone posted a comment about an accident that they witnessed, and it sounds a lot like your accident. You could then contact that witness to learn whether they saw what happened and would be willing to testify.

Well, there is such an app, and it’s called Trial Drone. Using Trial Drone to prove your injury case is a smart idea.

Whatever business you run, you might be able to use social media. It has proved helpful for those in the legal profession, as you can see.

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If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t forget that Trial Drone might be able to help you prove your claim.

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